eTwinning online course – Latvia, Jordan and Serbia March-May 2021

If you would like to participate in an eTwinning online course in the period 10 March-26 May 2021 organized by Latvian eTwinning NSO team in cooperation with the NSO teams of Jordan and Serbia, we kindly ask you to fill in the following form.

Deadline for submitting the form is 1 March, 2021, until midnight.

The selection results will be published after this deadline.

For additional information, you are welcome to address Serbian eTwinning NSO team at

Please, indicate which subject(s) you teach
Please, indicate the age of your students.
Explain in up to 120 words the aspects of eTwinning that you find appealing and the way they can be integrated in your teaching context.
Describe in up to 120 words what your expectations of this course are and how it could affect your teaching in the future.